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February 21, 2011

Life Lace

These original artworks are inspired by texture, shape and color. I am interested in how the natural texture on the ginkgo leaves contrast the hand cut paper and the painted surface. The shapes of the Italian hand cut paper are taken directly from a plant I grew. All eight pieces make up that one plant. These eight artworks were made over many years. This is one of my favorite projects. The colors of the ginkgo leaves are vibrant and contrast with the calming teal blue of the scalloped paper. The textures and shapes of the painted elements and the collage elements are what make these pieces truly unique. The collage contains painting elements, real dried ginkgo leaves and hand cut Italian paper. These original artworks are available for purchase on Etsy.

Life Lace No. 1

Life Lace No. 2

Life Lace No. 3

Life Lace No. 4

Life Lace No. 5

Life Lace No. 6

Life Lace No. 7

Life Lace No. 8

December 13, 2010

Simple Beauty Blooming Again

Just in time for last minute gifts, I've issued a new larger print edition. At 20"x20" these are the largest prints I have available. The edition size is only 50 prints and available on Etsy.

There are six images in the Lenten Rose series. In this series, I studied every inch of the shape of many plants. This flower is know as a Lenten Rose, although not a rose at all, it is known to bloom around the time of Lent. Many people view this simple beauty as a symbol of new beginnings.

The Lenten Rose or Helleborus Orientalis may be the first flower of the season in the very early spring. The sepals are extremely long lasting and may persist throughout the summer. These perennials have an evergreen foliage that stands up well to the early spring temperatures.

Lenten Rose No. 2

Lenten Rose No. 4

Lenten Rose No. 5

Lenten Rose No. 1

Lenten Rose No. 3

Lenten Rose No. 6
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November 28, 2010

New Craspedia Original Paintings

Drawn directly from nature, these two paintings reveal the details in the shape of the craspedia plant. They 6"x6" on mounted board 7/8" deep and ready to hang. Available on Etsy.

$50 each on Etsy

November 24, 2010

Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Bird watching, hiking, gardening, nature writing, and everything outdoors! I put together a couple Etsy Treasuries to help you in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush for gifts. Good luck in the rush!

Gifts for Bird Lovers Under $25
Gifts for Nature Lovers Under $25
Gifts for Nature Lovers Under $50

Happy shopping!

November 22, 2010

Rugged and Shabby Frames

I love frames! I've found some really great frames lately and paired them with some of my new prints. My new favorite frame maker is ArtCityFrames on Etsy. Her frames are solid wood and have great details. If your looking for something salvaged and even more rugged, than Foundre Frames is awesome. You won't get the same frame twice. His frames are only available wholesale, unless you can find them at retail shops.

I've paired some special frames with prints that will make great ready-to-hang gifts for outdoor enthusiasts and gardeners. Check out my Etsy shop for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Eucalyptus 8x10 botanical print framed in Foundre frame

Clover 8x10 botanical print framed in cottage style frame from ArtCityFrames

Lenten Rose No. 6 botanical print framed in cottage style frame from ArtCityFrames

November 21, 2010

Save an additional 10% until November 30

Tis the season for deals! Etsy has rolled out new coupon codes unique to each shop. Use the code madebykim10 to save 10% in addition to the 10-20% already marked down on many individual items in my Esty shop. All 8x10 and 11x14 unframed prints include free FedEx ground shipping in the United States. Hurry this deal only lasts until November 30, 2010!

Framed Original Geranium Painting (on sale $85)

Eucalyptus: 8x10 botanical silhouette print (free shipping)

Lenten Rose 3: Framed Mini Botanical Print (on sale $20)

September 13, 2010

3 new 8x10 prints

These 8x10 archival, ultra-high quality giclee prints are on Hahnemuhle smooth watercolor paper, 308 gsm, printed with pigment inks said to last 200 years. All imaging for print preparation, as well as printing is done by me at the professional print shop I work at. I insist that the my print editions stand apart from the original artworks and have a life of there own.


August 20, 2010

Two New Original Paintings

I haven't had too many new original artworks for sale recently. These two are a pair but sold separately. I love the colors the best which was hard to capture in the photo. The frame is a dark brown wood-like color. The archival matte is a cream and the paper behind the oval is a nice sightly warm gray. The artwork is a gradient from cream to light green (with very slight iridescence) to light brown. I am almost tempted to keep these! Well, before I do here they are. They are drawn from geraniums planted for Mother's Day. Available on Etsy.

August 9, 2010

New Linocut Block Prints

The new linocut edition is titled Clear Existence: Sunshine. Clear Existence is a series of artwork inspired by silhouettes of trees. This series is about calmness and beauty in simplicity. As humans we consume ourselves with finding purpose in life. Trees, plants and most other life forms have that big question pretty well worked out and keep it simple.

The leaves on the silhouette on this print where those high above an open area. The tree stretched out its branches to reach the sunshine. Simply working calmly towards its goal.

Each print is made from a hand carved linoleum block and printed by hand, one at a time, using two colors, warm yellow and gold, mixed on the block. The result is a unique print that looks hand painted.

 The prints are currently available on Etsy as cards printed on three different colored papers, grass green, sunshine yellow and papaya red. They are also available on Etsy framed.

June 10, 2010

Fresh for Picking

I made a treasury on Etsy. Items inspired by natural shapes and colors.

November 23, 2009

Etsy Distraction

I distracted myself today by loading tons of new artwork on Etsy! Eleven framed prints, all under $45 each. Hope these little pieces can bring some joy to peoples lives this holiday season.