November 23, 2014

Holiday Bucks and Vortex

In good holiday cheer, I am offering two handsome deals. 

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These deals are also good at my booth at the Holiday Vortex at the LAMA Clubhouse at 3519 W. Fullerton in Chicago on Sunday, December 14, between 11 am - 5 pm. The event will feature cruelty-free goods - everything from food to handmade and vintage items. 

8x10 prints $22 each

October 4, 2014

Botanical Illustration - Science and Art

From Anne Pratt's "Flowering Plants of Great Britain"

Plate 2 
Traveller's Joy, or Clématis, etc.

..."This beautiful shrub, with its dark-green foliage, and its numerous blossoms of greenish-white hue, is very common in the hedges in those counties where chalk or limestone abounds. Gerarde well named it the Traveller's Joy, for it may be seen far away, decking the hedges, in May and June, with its blossoms, and holding itself to the stronger plants near it by the twisting leaf-stalks which serve as tendrils."...
Anne Pratt Plate 2 Traveller's Joy



September 23, 2014

Botanical Art Panels

Bring nature directly into your home with these botanical art panels. Whether you hang a grouping of two or six on the wall, or one on a shelf, these limited edition artworks will fill your home with delight and optimism.

Each artwork is hand-drawn directly from nature, and reveals the elegant details that make each plant unique by the use of silhouettes. These five by five inch botanical art panels are also unique because each image is limited to 100 hand-signed, numbered and titled prints. 

Priced affordably, and with over 30 images to choose from, these botanical gems are perfect for gift giving and home decorating. 

Color and detail are superb and quality is at its highest. 

Each panel is 5 inches tall by 5 inches wide by 1-1/2 inches deep. The paper, adhesives, packaging and mount on which the print is adhered are all 100% acid-free and therefore archival. The giclée print and birch cradled panel are made to last more than a lifetime. 

The paper and birch mount come from sustainable sources. The botanical art panel arrives wrapped an ultra clear archival plastic. All images are limited to 100 signed panels. They are signed, numbered and titled on the back.

April 6, 2014

Disappearing Panda Fundraiser for WWF

Like most of the world, I've been in love with pandas since I was small enough to be aware of them. My first magazine subscription was National Geographic, which I paid for with my own money and gained most of my knowledge of the outside world. I've only had one quick glance of a panda at the National Zoo in DC. The small window and huge crowds where disappointing and nothing like I long imagined my experience would be like. Since then, pandas live on only in nature documentaries and books for me, and I am content with the fact that I will probably never see one in my lifetime.

I made the painting "Disappearing Panda" many years ago after coming across an old book "The Last Panda" by George B. Schaller.

I had barely remembered owning the book and found a newspaper clip inside about Hsing-Hsing, a panda at the National Zoo. I found this clip just a couple months after visiting the National Zoo.

Chicago Sun-Times, April 17, 1997
Hsing-Hsing had been a wild panda before being gifted by China to the National Zoo. He died in 1999 at the age of 28, which at the time was the longest for a panda living in captivity.

World Wildlife Fund Panda Facts
The National Zoo Panda Facts

I've created a print on panel of "Disappearing Panda". Half of all print sales of will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. It can be purchased on Etsy and will be shipped with proof of the $20 donation.

Disappearing Panda - 5x5 print on panel $40
The World Wildlife Fund has been protecting nature for over 50 years. To learn more about them go here