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July 3, 2010

Handmade One-of-a-Kind Wedding Invitations

Rhonda and Nick pretty much (re)built their home from scratch, with help from family and friends. They are truly the do-it-yourself types. They live and will be married by the a river, trees and lots of nature. The inspiration for this card came directly from them.

Using block printing, I handmade each individual invitation to ensure a unique quality in each one. Mixing two colors of ink directly on the block, no two prints are exactly the same.
There is so much to do when preparing for a wedding, so I put together the entire wedding invitation suite including addressing and stamping the RSVP cards. This this the final result in a vellum petal envelope. The outside envelope is the same textured cream as the scallop card and all the other enclosed cards.

Each invitation is marked with "made by kim" just as my handmade cards are.
Most of the paper I used came from the Paper Source. Although there are cheaper places to find paper, the quality and convenience is well worth it. I bought the velvet ribbon online at Paper Mart. The ribbon is a good price but the shipping is overpriced. The vellum petal cards came from Paper and More online. This is also a good source for paper and card stock. You can order samples on most items. All of my block printing supplies came from the Blick Store and/or JoAnn Fabric, just because of convenience. I am sure there are better resources for these materials so I am not linking to these widely known shops.

Thanks for visiting. Please let me know what you think.

May 31, 2010

Rhonda and Nick's Wedding Invitations - A Proof

I am designing a wedding invite suite which incorporates some of my artwork. The couple is getting married in September and has a palette of chocolate brown, pumpkin orange and maybe a little splash of the other fall colors. Their wedding is in a state park and casual. The bride and I are communicating mostly through email and I am making this post mostly for her to easily view the first proof and answer some questions.

The artwork on the invitations is made from a two-color block print. I carved the positive from linoleum.

When printing I mixed the two colors, red and yellow-orange right on the linoleum. Each print will be slightly different.

The text a warm brown printed on cream scalloped paper. I simplified the monogram for the ceremony/reception invitation because of space. Below is the monogram in original form and how it will look on the invite.

This is how the final ceremony/reception invite will look (please disregard the monogram-unless you like that one better)

Below is an alternate option that is not so traditional.

On the information card I have included a map. I can make this hand drawn if you would like. This card is 5x7 with straight edges, same cream color and brown text. We need to edit the information for this card.

The response card is 4Bar size (approx 3.5x5) with envelope, both are the same cream color.

Below I posted the text as I have it now on the ceremony/reception invite (click on the image to make it bigger in a new window).

And the finished package. I did the monogram in a scallop circle which I will punch from the same cream textured paper. We just need to decide on ribbon. I thought a nice velvet ribbon would look great. Maybe one of these

We are still in the proof stages of this project but let me know what you think.